Kabul Ideal Consultancy Services


CISCO Afghanistan engaged in inspection and surveying activities, our inspectors and surveyors provide supervision services around the clock, seven days a week. From the moment of nomination receipt to electronic delivery of our detailed inspection report, you can be sure that our expert surveyors, tallymen and inspectors are protecting your interests. We have experience and product knowledge of a vast range of commodities and offer highly competitive rates. Whether your cargo is in bulk, bagged or liquid form, allow CISCO Afghanistan to represent you at stores, production sites and ports throughout the world:

  • Grading
  • Tallying
  • Loss prevention
  • Size verification
  • Calibration checks
  • Marking verification
  • Radioactivity testing
  • Temperature testing
  • Bagging supervision
  • Explosive free checks
  • Moisture determination
  • Representative sampling
  • Water Ingress investigation
  • Damaged cargo investigation
  • Random bag weight verification
  • Inspection for manufacture defects
  • Rejecting out of specification product
  • Supervision of stevedoring operations / stowage
  • Cross referencing product discharged against packing list
  • Checking transport is clean and acceptable to carry product
  • Witnessing packing and banding to ensure appropriate application
  • Silver Nitrate testing (to check whether water present is saline or fresh)
  • Quality control - checking product conforms to contractual specifications
  • Full supervision of discharge ensuring product is handled in a correct manner
  • Weighbridge control issuing all drivers with our own weighbridge control tickets
  • Full supervision of loading ensuring product is stowed correctly aboard vessel or into container



Kabul, Afghanistan