The company was established in Sharja, UAE, in 1999-2000.  Now CISCO Ltd. Office is located in Free Zone, Fujairah – UAE, CISCO ltd. UAE office operating as a hub in the region, between the regional and countries offices, the services offered from this office covers the operating areas of UAE, Oman and Qatar.

Our international network of offices allows us to provide our clients with first class services. The company is continually researching new markets and expanding its worldwide network through a combination of our own wholly owned companies and similarly sized associated partners. We currently handle over 10 million tons of cargo in the Gulf and Subcontinent per annum. As a consequence, the number of inspectors and surveyors whom we employ can rival any of our competitors. CISCO Limited provides cost effective surveys in the:

  • Manpower
  • Fire Surveys
  • Misc. Surveys
  • Marine Surveys
  • Insurance Surveys
  • Containers Inspection
  • Claim Control Services
  • Large Exposures In Surveying
  • Valuation - Financial Compensation
  • Infrastructure & Engineering Surveys
  • Pre-Shipment Superintendent Services

Gas Free Certification & Hot Work Permit.

Future is handful of specialist companies able to meet the requirements of Government Agencies, Local Authorities, Public Utilities, national and multi-national companies, So the CISCO Limited UAE is qualified to carry out tank atmosphere testing and gas-free certification and is supported by third party and products liability with supervisors fully trained in the use of gas detection equipment and oxygen level metering. All relevant safety regulations together with local fire authority recommendations are stringently followed and may include the use of breathing apparatus or positive pressure protection suits. As part of our service, we are able to offer Non Destructive Testing of tanks via our approved third part contractor.

A Hot Work Permit is required before beginning any temporary operation involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Soldering
  • Thawing Pipes
  • Torch Applied Roofing
  • Welding

  • A Hot Work Permit is not required in locations that have been identified by Risk Management as designated hot work areas. Designated hot work areas are locations, such as, welding shops, or permanent work stations where hot work is a regular part of the process. Hot work permits will be issued in these areas as per regulation applied by the laws. Hot work is not permitted in certain confined spaces (as identified by Risk Management), potentially explosive atmospheres, unpurged gas cylinders, chemical lines, or chemical containers.


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