Having established repute as independent Surveyors and Inspection Agencies the parent Company stepped into a new arena of Manning and breached a company by the name Cisco Manning headed by Capt. Afzal-ur-Rahman having More than 35 Years of experience on foreign going ships in various capacities on board with 15 years command experience, which enables him to provide most suitable Candidates tailor made to Owner’s/Principal’s requirement and engaged in following activities licensed from Government of Pakistan.

  • Supply Pakistani Seafarers to International Shipping Companies on their fleet vessels.
  • Select qualified floating staff (Officers and Ratings) for all types of ocean going vessel.
  • Arrange interviews of the selected candidates as per the agreement with the Company.
  • Monitoring Seafarers documents to meet international shipping requirements.
  • Arranging visa and other documents necessary to travel for joining vessel outside Pakistan.
  • Arranging documents necessary to joining vessel in Pakistani ports.
  • Arranging for pre-medical fitness for joining Seafarers.
  • Arranging for drug and alcohol test of the seafarers.
  • Arranging No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Pakistan Government for legal joining.
  • In emergencies coordinating with Seafarers and family, arranging visa, coordinating in bringing/receiving Dead body and sympathizing with family.
  • Arranging Flights for urgent joining and signing off seafarers when Company facing problem to arrange flights/tickets due reason beyond their control.
  • Our individuals have broad experience in the field of marine services including the manning, Administration, Operation, Berthing/Un-berthing Total operation, Import/Export of Containerized cargo inventory/movement of empty containers in yard. Clearing/Forwarding matters.
  • Supplying Seafarers to 5 different Principals at Singapore, Malaysia, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh according to their needs.
  • Arranging visas to seafarers
  • Drilling pipe laying such as – Drill water, Potable water, Fuel (Diesel), Food container both reefer and dry – weekly services, Storage – miscellaneous material container, Mail Bags, Towing, Anchor handling, Contingency Planning for emergency crew change, Felicitate Incoming/Outgoing crew and traveling plan for crew as per their schedule to and from Port, Resting period of Crew