About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as a reputable Company engaged in Technical & Management Consulting, Inspection, Testing & Training Services for businesses. In general we provide services to guide organizations by developing & managing their systems and operations to meet market trends, international standards, and continual improvement. The journey start in 1980’s when the survey & inspection work initiated under the dynamic proprietorship of Chief Executive, and then the company become private limited as “Commodity Inspection Services Company Private Limited” and registered with SECP (Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan) in the year 2005. The Company is involved in providing expert services primarily to the consulting including the management, technical, Marine & Insurance Industry. The services provided under the domain of the group companies.


CISCO (Pvt.) Ltd. is an innovative, leading supplier of professional inspection services and specialist cargo surveys and part of the CISCO Consultant. CISCO (Pvt.) Ltd. is the preferred inspection partner of many leading international trading companies, shipping companies and insurance agencies. CISCO Consultants provide cost effective supervision, consulting, sampling and analytical solutions which are tailored to meet individual client requirements. Our international network of offices enables us to supply first class services at client site either warehouses, stores, manufacturing, ports of loading and discharge.


We are among very few companies in this region having expertise to provide the monitoring of the commodities manufacturing & distribution (i.e. Agriculture Products, Natural Resources, Textile, Crops, Grain, Seeds, Cotton, Wool, Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical and Fertilizers) process in the factory. We are very much involved in commodities distribution supervision and monitoring activities in Pakistan, specially since 2005 earthquake and now in operation of SWAT IDPs, for monitoring the distribution of commodities we follows the standard distribution monitoring tools, following by the guidelines of UNHCR, our major client is UNICEF, WFP Pakistan and Afghanistan. For monitoring the distribution of commodities we follows the standard distribution monitoring tools, following are our procedure (guideline-UNHCR):


  • The scooping activity.
  • The distribution process.
  • Equity of the distribution.
  • Did the distribution start on time?
  • Information on the distribution.
  • Beneficiary lists and name verification.
  • The physical organization of the distribution area.
  • Were the trucks properly offloaded thus ensuring securities for the food handled?
  • Post Distribution Monitoring And Rapid Commodities Security Assessment
  • Observe during commodities distributions applying the “scooping” system a few points.